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Intec F01 - Campag/Miche 10 speed

Intec F01 - Shimano 105 11 speed

Intec F01 - Campag Potenza 11 speed

Intec F08 - Kid's bike

415 mm £750.00  

Intec F09 - Campag/Miche 10 speed

420 mm £950.00  

Intec F09 - Shimano 105 11 speed

420 mm £1020.00  

Intec F010 - Shimano 105 11 speed

Intec F010 - Campag/Miche 10 speed

Intec Road Bikes Shimano 105 Options

Intec Road Bikes Campag Cassette Options

Intec Road Bikes Finishing Kit