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Compounds and other materials explained

Carbon Black Compound A durable tread compound that has proven its quality over many years. This standard compound with a high content of Carbon black guarantees very good mileage for road tubulars, durability and puncture resistance in certain cyclo-cross tubulars and low weight for selected track tubulars.

SPC Silica CompoundThis high performance road racing tread compound is used in the majority of TUFO road tubulars. With a 66-Shore-A hardness this well-balanced blend of synthetic and natural rubbers with Activated Silica filler provides tubulars with excellent wet grip and low rolling resistance.

LPS Silica CompoundThis natural rubber based compound with Activated Silica offers lower rolling resistance than SPC. The softer 63-Shore-A hardness compound used in Calibra road tyres is the key factor for speed, ride comfort and predictable cornering. Despite its softness the LPS Silica compound also gives very good mileage to TUFO road tyres.
Thanks to its natural rubber and Activated Silica blend it excels especially at low temperature and provides Flexus CycloCross tubulars with a supple ride and an unbeatable grip on snow and ice.

NAN Silica CompoundThis is an indoor wooden track specific compound for extra speed, grip and quick handling. Not suitable for wet conditions.

OIL Silica CompoundThis is a soft 60-Shore-A compound developed for MTB cross country and marathon tubulars. Adding a reasonable amount of oil to a polymer blend with Activated Silica improves traction and reduces rolling resistance. Provides reasonable tread wear.

BIC Silica CompoundThis is a compound for indoor sports on wooden or plastic floors. Used in Cycle-ball, Artistic cycling and wheelchairs sports tubulars for excellent traction and quick handling. Manufactured in many colours including black, this compound does not leave any colour marks on floors. Not suitable for wet conditions.

CRCA is a special composite material, by means of which the high modulus long aramid fibres are introduced into the tyre carcass during the manufacturing process. CRCA increases puncture resistance and total carcass strength. CRCA improves riding comfort and decreases vibrations. This is used in all models.